Public Information
The Clinical Skills Centre is available for hire during off peak periods, as is a range of clinical equipment, the associated costs are detailed below:


Accommodation 1 session of up to 4 hours (Sessional rate) 2 sessions of up to 8 hours
(Daily rate)
Per hour Extension above 8 hours

Suitable for up to 15 people:

Skills Room G4
Skills Lab 3.3

£150.00 £280.00 £30.00

Suitable for up to 20 people:

Skills Lab 3.2
Skills Lab 3.4
Skills Room G3

£200.00 £350.00 £40.00

Suitable for up to 25 people:

Skills Lab 1
Skills Room G1
Skills Room G2

£230.00 £390.00 £50.00

Interview Suites:

Suite 1
Suite 2







 Accommodation charges are not liable for VAT

Standard equipment provided without charge in all areas include:

Use of data projector, whiteboard/flipchart with pens and paper

On request (but at no additional cost) Overhead Projector (OHP), Slide Projector, and TV & video

In all Labs – scrub up sink facilities, tables and chairs, and beds/couches on request.


In both Interview Suites – DVD recording & playback facilities, in addition to VHS playback only.

Chairs (20) and one large table. An examination couch can also be made available on request.



§         Equipment provided at additional cost:

§         The use of a Laptop can be provided with AV support at a cost of  £100+VAT per day (you may bring your own laptop and use the Data Projector in the room at no additional cost).


§         Manikins and other simulators for clinical training can also be provided at a cost of £32+ VAT per manikin per day.


§         Disposable clinical equipment e.g. catheters, sutures, vacutainers will be charged for seperately, and are liable for VAT


The following Models are available for hire:

Breast examination model

Condom training model

Ear examination model

Eye examination model

Gynae examination model

Venepuncture Training model

NG Tube Insertion model

Prostate examination model

Adult Resuscitation model

Paediatric resuscitation model

Intubation model

Aneroid/Mercury sphygmomanometer (£15.00 per day)

Equipment for sale:

Model/Equipment Price

Currently N/A


For further information please contact the Clinical Skills Centre Manager via:


Fax: 020 7601 7299